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Sunny Sagittarius

By Chasity Whittington December 01, 2021 0 comments

Hello Wrappers!

Welcome to the fourth instalment of our zodiac monthly series. I want to start out by saying Happy, Happy Birthday to all of you wonderful Sagittarians out there! If you were born between November 22rd and December 21st, then that shout out goes to you, my friend! Here’s a little something for you!

Zodiac Symbol: The Archer (Bow and Arrow)

Zodiac Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Power Color(s): Purple

Birth Gem: Turquoise and/or Blue Topaz

Most compatible: Aries

The Archer is nestled between Scorpius and Capricorn, making Sagittarius the ninth constellation in the zodiac. While sometimes only represented by the Bow and Arrow glyph, the Sagittarius constellation is in fact, a centaur which we refer to as the Archer. It is said that the half-man, half-horse with a drawn bow symbolizes Sagittarian’s attempt to free their self from man’s animal nature. However, the bow and arrow glyph symbolizes the desire for direction and a higher purpose. Your symbols alone can already tell others a lot about you. But, there’s more…

Your ruling planet is the Jolly Giant in our solar system and astrology’s most optimistic and positive planet. As the ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter gives you an abundance of personality and inspires you to be tolerant, inspirational, and have the desire to make everyone happy. As a child of Jupiter, you, my Sagittarius friend, are a go-getter and your positive thinking helps you accomplish anything you put your mind to. They say you are just lucky, but in reality, it is the traits bestowed on you by your ruling planet.

Sagittarius is the final fire sign of the zodiac, and also one of four mutable signs. The combo of fire and mutability gives Sagittarians many unique traits. Being the only mutable fire element ignites a sunny optimism where you constantly look to the brighter side of life. No matter how hard the blow a Sagittarius is dealt, you always get back up and fight your way through those dark clouds. However, your constant enthusiasm can have a down-side.  Often that one little trait can become to feel overbearing to others. Sagittarians are so excited about their ideas, adventures, and world views that it can seem that you are oppressive and forceful, unable to accept other’s opinions. Because of this you many need to take a step back from time to time to ensure you are not pushing your ideal onto others.

The sun and Mercury have shifted into your sign, in turn, giving you the opportunity to feel comfortable enough to discuss future plans. The solar energy gifts you the strength and passion to succeed by adding vigor and tenacity to your vibe. This being said, you may find yourself exhausted but still burning the candle at both ends right now due to Mars being in your twelfth house until December 13th. Try not to take on any big projects before mid-December, when the red planet is back on your side. December 4th you will feel a passion and drive like no other when the solar eclipse takes place and connects with Mercury. The saying, “New year, new me,” will be especially significant for you during this lunar cycle. It’s time to let go of all your worries, unattained goals and unrealistic aspirations and move forward to a new goal… strengthening your relationship with yourself.

When a Sagittarius needs a boost of power, the go to color is purple. As the color of spirituality and awareness, purple pushes the Sagittarian’s mind toward enlightenment, creativity, and independence. The regal shade is the color of abundance, which means it drives Sagittarians to expand their horizons whenever the opportunity arises. Accenting your day-to-day look with a beautiful purple nail wrap will allow for a nice little power-up by just a glance down at your nails. Karma Nail Wraps has you covered!

Karma Nail Wraps has just released an exclusive Zodiac collection. And of course, the Zodiac Karma Kustom - Sagittarius showcases your vibrant power color (purple) as the base, with gold accents of your constellation, the zodiac wheel, your symbol and glyph, power words, and your totem animal. This design is perfect for the season of the Archer!

Not a Sagittarius? Don’t worry…the Zodiac collection carries all 12 signs of the zodiac. However, if you would prefer something a little different, Karma Nail Wraps has over 1000 different designs to choose from. Just click on the link and enjoy browsing.

If you are not yet a member, check out the new Karma Nail Wraps and Beauty VIP Room on Facebook. Here you can post nailfies, enter contest, share tips and tricks, and/or ask questions at any time. Also, being VIP means you will have the privilege of being the first to see new inventory and sales! Fun and beneficial…it’s a win/win!

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to have a specific topic showcased, please feel free to contact us at 

Happy Wrapping!


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