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Powerful Pisces

By Sarah Desmond February 20, 2022 0 comments

Hello Wrappers!

It’s that time again. Welcome, welcome, to the seventh instalment of our zodiac monthly series! This blog will be all about the 12th and final sign of the zodiac calendar, my fishy friends, Pisces! Happy Birthday to all those born between February 19th thru March 20th! This one’s for you. Enjoy!

Zodiac Symbol: Two Fish

Zodiac Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Neptune and Jupiter

Power Color(s): Light Green

Birth Gem: Aquamarine

The Pisces constellation has been associated with many divine figures in history, such as the Hindu deity Vishnu, the Sumerian goddess Inanna, the Roman god Neptune, and even Jesus Christ. It’s fascinating, really, but we are going to focus on the symbol right now. Pisces is the Latin word for “fish,” and in Greek mythology, the constellation represents the koi fish that saved Aphrodite and her son Eros from a sea monster. As a reward, the two fish were place in the heavens to shine for all eternity.

The two fish swimming in opposite directions, depict the constant division of Pisces’s attention between fantasy and reality. As the final sign, Pisces has absorbed every lesson learned by the other signs which is both a blessing and a curse. This makes the fish the most physic, empathetic, and compassionate creatures of the astrological wheel. With such a vast sensitivity a Pisces can easily drown in their emotions and must always remember to stay grounded in the material world.

The zodiac element for Pisces is water. The water element is the feminine or yin energy of emotion. Water people are tuned in to a deeper and delicate reality than other types around them. Water represents the moistening and cohering principle that binds and connects all forms of nature. Without it, nothing that takes a material form would adhere together. Water fertilizes earth so that nature and creativity can incubate and bloom. Pisces’ creativity, intuition, imagination, and strong inter-relational talents are all due to the connectivity of the water element.

 Pisces is ruled by Jupiter in ancient astrology and Neptune in the modern astrology. Neptune is the planet of unconsciousness and creativity and is known for its imaginative and dreamy qualities. Neptune gifts the Pisces personality an inclination toward the arts, magical thinking, and spirituality. While the ancient ruler, Jupiter, is the planet of expansion, generosity, and belief systems and grants the Pisces people a gift of empathy and emotional understanding. Together these two planets allow you, my Pisces friend, to be the wonderfully eccentric, compassionate, and inventive person that you are.

Happy Solar return to you! On February 19th  we splashed head-first into the season of the fish, where daydreamers, artist, and romantics will flourish until March 20th. The sun in your sign will inspire an invigorating and celebratory atmosphere for your birthday season. The planet, Mercury, will be squaring off with wildcard Uranus which will encourage innovation and experimentation, possessing you to try something new. In March, the 5th to be exact, the sun and Jupiter will both be in your sign, and won’t happen again until 2036. This means it will be a day capable of producing near-miraculous results for something you dearly want to happen. You will begin feeling the powerful energy of this lucky day two days prior, so take full advantage of this rare event and begin letting those creative juices flow. Allow Jupiter to help you achieve your heart’s desire.

And, while this month will already be beneficial to your confidence, you can level up even further by surrounding yourself with your power color, light green. This beautiful pale shade will have you feeling refreshed and feeling at peace, all the while, invigorating your energy in the most positive ways. 

Karma Nail Wraps has recently released an exclusive Zodiac collection. And of course, the Zodiac Karma Kustom – Pisces showcases your power color (light green) as the base, with black accents of your constellation, the zodiac wheel, your symbol and glyph, power words, and your totem animal. This design is perfect for the season of the fish!

Not a Pisces? Don’t worry…the Zodiac collection carries all 12 signs of the zodiac. However, if you would prefer something a little different, Karma Nail Wraps has over 1000 different designs to choose from. Just click on the link and enjoy browsing.

Also, if you are not yet a member, check out Karma Nail Wraps and Beauty VIP Room on Facebook. Here you can post nailfies, enter contest, share tips and tricks, and/or ask questions at any time. Becoming a VIP means you will have the privilege of being the first to see new inventory and sales! Fun and beneficial…it’s a win/win!

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to have a specific topic showcased, please feel free to contact us at 

Happy Wrapping!


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