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Libra Love

By Chasity Whittington October 03, 2021 0 comments

Hello Wrappers!

It’s that time again! Welcome to the second instalment of our zodiac monthly series! The sun sign of the scales of balance is now among us, which means this week I will be dedicating the Karma Weekly Blog to our lovely Libra wrappers. If you were born between September 22rd – and October 23nd, then congratulations, my friend, because not only were you born under the seventh astrological sign of the zodiac, but also the sole topic of our post this week.

Zodiac Symbol: Scales

Zodiac Element:  Air

Ruling Planet:  Venus

Power Color(s): Pink & Blue

Birth Gem: Sapphire

Most compatible: Gemini

Libra is represented by the symbol of the scales, meaning they have a natural ability to weigh both sides of any situation, helping to find a balance between opposing energies. People born under this sign are peaceful and fair and are in a constant chase for justice and equality. Because of their questioning nature and need to weigh all the pros and cons of every decision, Libras tend to be quite indecisive.

Venus, the planet of love, rules your sign, which tells me you are charismatic, hopelessly romantic, and inclined to be harmonious and gentle. You can’t help but be friendly and socially active, often times allowing you to be the most popular among your social circle. A Libras sharp intellect and ability to be unbiased in tough situations earns you a lot of respect from your peers.

The air sign is Libra’s zodiac element. Knowing which element rules your sign will help you understand your nature and typically give insight as to who you are compatible with. Air is the element of intellect telling me that you, my Libra friend, are sharp as a tack and very rational. Rather than letting your emotions dictate important decisions, Libras tend to use your brains to make logical, thought out decisions. However being ruled by air can make you fickle, indifferent, and sometimes downright cold.

As the zodiac’s biggest hopeless romantic, Libras are born in love with the idea of love. Libras are sweet, attentive, and very affectionate. It generally takes very little time for a Libra to fall head-over-heels in love. If you are lucky enough to catch the eye of one of our Libra friends be prepared to be showered with gifts, complements, and affection. Being in a relationship brings out the best version of a Libra making partnership more of a requirement, rather than an option. However, it is important to note that while Libras fall hard and fast, they tend to lose interest rather quickly, as well. Libras need a partner who can keep the spark going by engaging in common interest while making them feel appreciated and respected. 

Libra season has begun! Unfortunately on the 26th Mercury is turning retrograde, meaning you will need to lay low and refrain from committing to plans, especially plans that will involve money. This back spin is serving us three long weeks of communication clashes, scheduling snags, and timing troubles, all of which can have a major impact on relationships. You will need to be very careful until October 18th. As a sign associated with relationships, Libra, you’re often focused primarily on your partner. With this retrograde you will need to focus on yourself for once! This will be a great time to step back and give yourself a little self-care. It is time to revise, revamp, and repair you! A great and simple way to get started in this endeavor is by building your confidence with a nice fresh Mani that showcases your power colors.

Dreamy is a gorgeous pale pink and blue design that evens the scales in boldness and subtly. While the design is made in soft, delicate tones giving a sense of subtly, the boldness comes into play when their beauty is unleashed when applied to your nails. These gorgeous Karma Kustom wrap exclusively from Karma Nail Wraps will no doubt, simultaneously, put a smile on your face, as well as, anyone who sees them.

No matter your astrological sign, this beautiful set of nail wraps will have you feeling positive and optimistic this month. Not to mention, your nails will be on fleek and garnering much attention. However, if the Pink Parasol isn’t your style, Karma Nail Wraps has over 1000 different designs to choose from. Just click on the link and enjoy browsing.

If you are not yet a member, check out the new Karma Nail Wraps and Beauty VIP Room on Facebook. Here you can post nailfies, enter contest, share tips and tricks, and/or ask questions at any time. Also, being VIP means you will have the privilege of being the first to see new inventory and sales! Fun and beneficial…it’s a win/win!

I guess it’s time to wrap this up. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to have a specific topic showcased, please feel free to contact us at 

Happy Wrapping!


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