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Jovial Gemini

By Sarah Desmond May 20, 2023 0 comments

Hello Wrappers!

The tenth instalment of our zodiac monthly series if here for your viewing pleasure! This blog will be all about Gemini, the 3rd astrological sign of the zodiac calendar. If you were born between May 22nd and June 21st, this one’s for you. Happy, happy Birthday to all of our zodiac twins! Hope you enjoy!

Zodiac Symbol: Twins/Roman Numeral II

Zodiac Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Power Color(s): Yellow

Birth Gem: Agate or Pearl

Gemini is latin for “twins,” although the twins with the constellation depend on the culture. In Egyptian astrology, the constellation was identified with goat twins, while in Arabian astrology its twin peacocks. The western world tends to identify these twins as Castor and Pollux from Greek mythology. Castor, the mortal son of King Tyndarus, and Pollux, the immortal son of Zeus. Being identical twins, they were inseparable. Castor known as a great horseman and Pollux, a great fighter, agreed to help Jason on the Argo, saving a ship from a terrible storm. When Castor was killed in battle, Pollux pleaded with Zeus to bring him back. Zeus eventually agreed to immortalize both Castor and Pollux, if they would spend half their time on earth and the other half amongst the stars in the heavens. Legend has it that if a sailor sees these 2 stars together their journey will be prosperous. However, if only one of the stars is spotted it is said to be bad luck.

Have you ever been so busy that you wish you could just clone yourself to get everything done? That’s the Gemini experience in a nutshell. Because of Gemini’s duality, they’re often falsely misrepresented as being two-faced. In reality, Gemini rarely ever have a hidden agenda. Playful and intellectually curious, Gemini tend to have a multitude of passions, hobbies, careers, and friend groups.

The element of Air gives us room to breathe, widens our lungs, and with them opens our soul to personal freedom. Gemini belongs to the Air element which is why they need to feel liberated and free. Because of the strong influence of Air, Gemini tend to have difficulties fitting into a regular order of their surroundings. That being said, Gemini knows a thing or two about the power of ideas. Being referred to as “the winds of change,” Gemini’s are lovers of information. This gives a Gemini the ability to participate in the proliferation of ideas, translating between different groups of people, and facilitating an intellectual exchange. As a mutable Air sign, our lovely Gemini friends have an incredible influence over the thinking of others, especially through the music they create, the art they make, and the stories they share.

With the talents and traits a Gemini possesses it’s no wonder they are ruled by the planet of communication. In roman mythology, Mercury, thought to be the messenger of the gods, delivered news and shared opinions. The planet encourages Geminis to do the same, hence their verbose nature. All three air signs of the zodiac (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) are intellectually driven, but Mercury’s emphasis on the mind encourages Geminis in particular to learn, think, and share more, giving them the title “the Social butterfly of the zodiac.”

Happy solar return! Despite mercury being in retrograde and the messy eclipse, your birthday season promises to come with rich conversations and plenty of attention. With the sun now in your sign, it brings a gift of high energy and confidence. This will enable you the opportunity to project yourself into the world and share your many ideas and talents. When the fighter planet, Mars enters its home sign of Aries on May 24th, your charisma will be off the charts making it a good time to celebrate and enjoy that social butterfly side of you. The universe will be in a good mood to bless you on May 30th‘s Gemini new moon. So, set a few personal intentions to help evolve and refine your image as you enter a new chapter and journey around the sun. On the third of June, Mercury will find itself in Taurus while in sextile position with Neptune in Pisces. This positioning will emphasize your natural creative talents. You are going to feel especially inspired to express yourself in a creative outlet. Additionally, the position of Neptune to Mercury will undermine the usual rationality that you have under Mercury’s influence. This may make your normal methods of decision-making feel a bit off, but in reality it will only serve to fuel your creativity. Showcasing your talents in the arts will reap unexpected admiration from your fellow peers and that attention will push your confidence to new limits, giving you the courage to try things you might have previously been hesitate to attempt. Go for it, Gemini…This is your time to shine!!!

The color Yellow is a very bright hue that represents cheerfulness, much like our beloved Geminis. Also, since mercury rules Gemini, it is only right that your zodiac color provides a lot of brightness. Yellow inspires happiness, which is perfect for a Geminis affable nature. Since the sign concentrates on ideas and passions, a color like yellow that inspires creativity and provides mental stimulation suits you best. Surrounding yourself in all things yellow will help to power you through those less than par days by helping you to manifest happiness and creativity. Just a little pop of the bright hue will go a long way, so when you are out and about and begin feeling mentally drained, a beautiful yellow mani could be the answer for you. That pop of color on your fingertips will allow for nice little power up in your day to day life. Try one of the many yellow nail wraps Karma Nail Wraps has to offer.

Karma Nail Wraps has an exclusive Zodiac collection that you are sure to love. And of course, the Zodiac Karma Kustom – Gemini showcases your power color (pale yellow) as the base, with green accents of your constellation, the zodiac wheel, your symbol and glyph, power words, and your totem animal. This design is perfect for the season of the twins!

Not a Gemini? Don’t worry…the Zodiac collection carries all 12 signs of the zodiac. But perhaps you would prefer something a little different…well, Karma Nail Wraps has you covered with over 1000 different designs to choose from. Just click on the link and enjoy browsing.

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Happy Wrapping!


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