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It's All About That Application

By Chasity Whittington August 01, 2021 0 comments

Hello Wrappers!

It’s Chasity, once again, coming to you.. Today’s topic will be all about the application process and I’m super excited to share with you fine folks some tips and tricks I have learned over the past year.

I’ve come across a few comments on the Karma Nail Talk -VIP group on Facebook where a few ladies have stated that they were having trouble applying their wraps or saying  they wished their application looked as good as “so and so’s.” Seeing these comments really hurt my heart because I want everyone to feel confident with their beautiful Karma Nail Wraps. My goal is that by the end of this post you will have learned something new to help make things easier. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

First and foremost, ALWAYS! start with nail prep. Push those cuticles back, ladies. You want that pesky skin off your nail plate. Not only does it give you the look of a longer nail, it also makes the application so much easier. Clip and/or file as needed then buff those nails to a shine. I promise you, this makes a huge difference.

Wash those hands! I like to use Dawn dishwashing liquid because it helps remove the natural oils your body produces. However, any soap will do. Once you’re all fresh and clean, it is time to pull out that alcohol! No, I don’t mean booze!, although if you feel the need, go for it! =) I like to use alcohol prep pads but, if not available, you can simply saturate a cotton ball with your household bottle of alcohol then wipe those shiny nails clean. This will eliminate any extra oils that still reside on the nail.

I always layout my nail wraps and handy tools before starting the process. Also, make sure to have good lighting because sometimes that cuticle skin can be hard to see.

If you have thin or brittle nails I suggest applying a basecoat or nail strengthener to protect the surface of the nail. Orly Bonder is a base coat and it helps your wraps adhere to the nail better. Nail wraps do not damage the nail but the removal, if not done correctly, can make brittle nails flake and peel. The strengthener will help harden the nail and make your mani last a bit longer as well

Finally, we are ready for the application! You want to start by sizing the wrap to your nail. Sometimes this can be challenging but when in doubt, size down. Karma nail wraps stretch pretty easily so more than likely you can make the smaller one fit. Even if you can’t its better to have a small gap at the edge than the wrap overlapping your skin. Wraps that are too wide are prone to lifting because the adhesive does not adhere to the skin as it does the nail. You should also pay attention to the base. Make sure not to apply on the cuticle!
First, I align slightly above the cuticle then apply pressure to adhere in just that spot. This will come in handy if by chance the wrap is crooked or needs to be centered better. Gently press toward the edges. If the wrap needs to be stretched you need to make sure the center of the wrap is firmly in place. When secure, slightly pull the wrap until it fits to your liking. Repeat process on the other side. This is when I pull out my 2 in 1 nail tool or a rubber cuticle pusher to firmly stroke across my nail.

Unless your nails are fabulously long there will be an overhang of the excess wrap. Everyone does this different but I have found it easier to use nail clippers to trim it down a bit. DO NOT clip all the way to the nail. (If you have shorter nails you can use what you trimmed off to apply on another nail and get multiple manis out of the one set.) Now you want to fold that excess over to the underside of your nail. Make sure it is smooth and there aren’t any bubbles or wrinkling.

Use a Nano Glass File, moving in one direction on the underside of the tip of your nail to remove the excess. I’ve found that metal files or using the back and forth filing method tends cause wrinkling, lifting, and/or a jagged finish to the tips of your nails.

Now we want those babies to cure. Keep those hands out of water for at least 3 hours. That gives the wrap enough time to fully harden and adhere to the nail.
It’s time to seal the deal! While it is not needed, I strongly recommend applying a top coat A thin layer of top coat can extend the wear of your wraps by several days. Be cautious and do your research in picking a top coat. There are some brands out there that may shrink or damage your perfectly applied Karma Nail Wraps. I use the CND Vinylux. It’s by far the best I’ve come across and leaves your nails with a gel-like finish.

Following these steps, I have no doubt, you will be able to flaunt a flawless mani! It is so rewarding staring down at your fingers and seeing salon quality nails that you did yourself?!
If you have any suggestions, or tips and tricks that help you, we would love to hear about them. Drop us a line in the comments or you can send any questions, concerns, or a topic you would like us to showcase to

Happy Wrapping!

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