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I’m In Love With the Shape Of You

By Chasity Whittington August 15, 2021 0 comments

Hello Wrappers!

Time for a new Karma Blog post! I hope you are enjoying reading as much as I enjoy writing them.

Originally, I planned on writing about a different topic but I had an experience and plans changed. Let me explain. So, here recently I’ve been wanting to try something different with my nails. I was thinking of an updated, more stylish shape to give my fingers a new, refreshed look.  Maybe, an almond or coffin shape, but I needed to learn how to file them properly. Well, just call me Alice because I fell way down the rabbit hole and found myself in a peculiar world of infinite shaped fingernails and all the who’s, what’s, and how’s.

Did you know the shape you wear can reveal a lot about you? Or, how about the fact that you should choose your shape based on the shape of your hand and size of your fingers? I mean, I just couldn’t stop reading. The fingernail filing cabinet in my brain is now overflowing with info on this topic and I figured what better way to alleviate its capacity than by sharing all this new-found knowledge with you ladies.

Now, there are many different shapes people are wearing these days. If I listed every shape I came across we would probably have a 500 page novel on our hands so, I’m going to keep it simple and only list the 7 most popular shapes that you may see on a day to day basis. I will explain who the shape would look best on, what the shape may say about you, and how to achieve the look. Buckle up, here we go.



Who: If you have long, slim fingers with narrow nail beds then square is perfect for you! 

What: This shape says you are confident and determined.  More than likely you are the glue that holds your group of friends together. A natural-born leader.

How: File sidewalls straight out from the nail bed making sure they are even and parallel, then finish off by turning the file perpendicular at the tip to file straight across.



Who: If you have a long palm and short fingers then you will want to give oval a try!

What: This shape says you are sweet and sophisticated. You are likely a shy person, yet can be outspoken when provoked. A sensitive sweetheart.

How: File the sidewalls straight from the nailbed, then very gently taper the top into a semicircle.



Who: If you have thin hands with slim fingers and/or a narrow nail bed then Squoval will look fabulous on you!

What: This shape says you are laid-back and uncomplicated. You tend to really enjoy your solitude but can easily adapt to being a social butterfly when surrounded by friends. An extroverted introvert.

How: Start with the process of a square nail by filing the sidewalls parallel to each other while the tip is straight across. Once you have that square you’ll then want to slightly round the corners off to achieve the squoval shape.



Who: If you have short fingers and/or wide or thicker palms experts say to try a round nail shape!

What: This shape says you are energetic and full of life. You are likely a bubbly person who tends to be very active. An uplifting soul.

How: You start by filing the sidewalls in an arc motion towards the top. Once sides are smooth and even you can continue that arc motion across the top to round out the nail further.



Who: If you have a wide palm and short fingers with a wide nail bed then almond will look lovely on you!

What: This shape says you are charming and feminine. You are likely a very chic person who leans more towards classic styles. An elegant fashionista.

How: This shape requires a little length to your nail. The sidewalls should filed evenly at a 45 degree angle then taper towards the center of the top of nail leaving a blunt point.



Who: If you have a wide palm and short fingers then coffin is the shape for you!

What: This shape says you are straight forward and honest. You are likely a goal-oriented person who isn’t scared to speak her mind. An edgy trendsetter.

How: This shape requires length to the nail. Start by filing sidewalls at a diagonal towards the tip. Both sides should be even. Then you’ll want to file horizontally across the tip and flatten the free edge to achieve the aptly named coffin shape.



Who: If you have wide nail beds or shorter/ fuller fingers Stiletto will look great on you!

What: This shape says you are expressive and fierce. You like to live in the moment and tend to feel honesty is the best policy no matter how harsh the truth may be. A vivacious vixen.

How: This shape requires long nails. File sidewalls at a dramatic diagonal making sure to keep both sides even and leaving the tip of nail at a sharp point. This shape may not be suitable for natural nails without some sort of enhancement.


Now having listed all that info I want to give you some words of wisdom. While experts may have a million lists on what they think will be flattering, in the end, they are your nails. You pick the shape that makes you happy. It is always nice to look up these list for inspiration but never feel you have to follow what they say. In my opinion…most shapes are universal anyway. You do you, and express yourself however you see fit!

Happy wrapping!



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