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Captivating Capricorn

By Steven Desmond December 22, 2021 0 comments

Hello Wrappers!

It’s that time again! Welcome to the fifth instalment of our zodiac monthly series! The sun sign of the sea goat is now among us, which means this week I will be dedicating the Karma Weekly Blog to our lovely Capricorn wrappers. If you were born between December 22nd – and January 20th, then congratulations, you were born under the tenth astrological sign of the zodiac and that makes you the topic of our post this week.

Zodiac Symbol: Sea Goat

Zodiac Element:  Earth

Ruling Planet:  Saturn

Power Color(s): Taupe

Birth Gem: Garnet

To quote the talented Marvin Gaye, “There ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wide enough” to keep a Capricorn from achieving their goals.  Capricorn’s zodiac symbol is a horned goat with a fishtail, referred to as a sea goat, which perfectly explains how Capricorns have the ability to keep pushing forward regardless of any obstacles. Through hell or high water you will get done what needs to be done.

Capricorn’s Zodiac element is earth giving you the traits of practicality, stability, and being grounded. You are the last earth sign of the zodiac making you very hard-working, as well as, value stability and security in all areas of your life. A Capricorn’s solid energy allows you to tackle long-term goals and plans, whereas the other signs might lack the perseverance you have. However, with that being said, earth is the slowest moving element, which means you are more resistant to change.

Saturn rules Capricorn which makes Capricorns love rules. The planet of structure and discipline is also the astrological embodiment of Father Time. It is said that the ringed plant is the reason that Capricorns tend to keep everyone in check and ensure direct routes to the finish line, all the while, still being incredibly connected to the concept of time. A Capricorn knows that life is short and seems to be always racing against the clock; slowing down is just not an option for you. Unfortunately, Saturn can bring you bouts of depression and frustration, as well as, bad luck and hard times due to your desire to feel accomplished. Saturn demands that you make commitments and take responsibility for your actions. All in all, Saturn highlights the human need for structure, laws, limitations, and self-control.

While its birthday season for you lovely Capricorns it may be best to keep your celebration small this year. Venus, the planet of love and harmony, is retrograde until January 29th and may disrupt the balance of your bonds with loved ones. Try to step back from the spotlight a bit, as your intentions can be easily misread and cause conflict. On the flip side, you can use this Venus retrograde to your advantage. Focus on boosting your self-esteem by taking a reflective pause from dating and try putting yourself first instead. Get in touch with what makes you the awesome Capricorn that you are. A great and simple way to get started in this endeavor is by building your confidence with a little self-love. Go out and get a massage, buy yourself that cute dress you’ve been eyeing, and/or give yourself a nice fresh Mani that showcases your power color.

Karma Nail Wraps has released an exclusive Zodiac collection. And of course, the Zodiac Karma Kustom - Capricorn showcases your power color (taupe) as the base, with black accents of your constellation, the zodiac wheel, your symbol and glyph, power words, and your totem animal. This design is perfect for the season of the Sea Goat! Not to mention, they are sure to give you a little power-up by just a glance at your nails.

Not a Capricorn? Don’t worry…the Zodiac collection carries all 12 signs of the zodiac. However, if you would prefer something a little different, Karma Nail Wraps has over 1000 different designs to choose from. Just click on the link and enjoy browsing.

Also, if you are not yet a member, check out the Karma Nail Wraps and Beauty VIP Room on Facebook. Here you can post nailfies, enter contest, share tips and tricks, and/or ask questions at any time. Becoming a VIP means you will have the privilege of being the first to see new inventory and sales! Fun and beneficial…it’s a win/win!

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to have a specific topic showcased, please feel free to contact us at 

Happy Wrapping!


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